Brasil de Fato resumes the English program in partnership with African TV

“What’s Happening in Brazil?” returns to the air this Friday (10) with the latest developments in the country. With comprehensive coverage, the program offers an in-depth analysis of current events, ranging from politics, economics, culture, conflicts, technology, and the environment, as well as special reports, always with a popular view of Brazi.

The program, which aired its first episode in September 2019, is produced by Brasil de Fato in partnership with the television channel Pan African TV, based in Ghana, Africa. The network is broadcast by satellite to 32 countries, mainly in the western and central regions of the African continent. In Ghana, a new episode is broadcast every week. All “What’s Happening in Brazil?” episodes can also be seen on Brasil de Fato’s YouTube channel.

The weekly program features “News Update,” which summarizes the latest news of the week from the country; “Story of the Week,” with more in-depth articles on socially relevant topics; and “Culture Talk,” about Brazilian artistic manifestations and interviews with Brazilian cultural personalities.

In this week’s edition, the program brings you a news update on the impacts of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, the launch of a solidarity campaign in the state promoted by the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST), the action of popular movements against the privatization of Sabesp in São Paulo, the repercussions of singer Madonna’s concert in Rio de Janeiro, an exclusive interview with the documentary’s director on the life and work of Bahian composer Dorival Caymmi and more.  

Watch the new episode:

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